Current Development Issue

La Fox Civic Association
P. O. Box 322
La Fox, IL  60147

April 2024

Dear Fellow La Fox Area Residents:

You may have noticed the surveying activity going on over the last few months.  This is related to the potential sale of 970 acres of vacant land to Pulte Homes for the development of a town-sized residential community.  They have asked St. Charles to consider annexation.

This is the same property that was proposed for development as “Grand Prairie” and later “Settlements of La Fox” in the early 2000’s.

Annexation to St. Charles is not desirable as it would take control of the development away from Kane County and give it to St. Charles.  This would result in very high density and no representation of the existing property owners in the issue.

The good news is that the La Fox Civic Organization was formed 24 years ago to represent area residents in development issues.  We have already begun opposing annexation by meeting with St. Charles officials and providing them with information as to why this is not in St Charles best interests.  We have successfully opposed annexation of all or part of this property twice in the past.  We have defined the La Fox areas as approximately 4.0 square miles bordered by Rt. 38, Keslinger, Harley, and Brundige Roads.

Since our area is in the Kane County 2040 Land Use Plan as being in the “Critical Growth Area” and has a train station, development of some kind will likely occur.  Our goal is to have any development be lower overall density, be done through Kane County, and involve community input.

If you would like to be on our emailing list for notifications and related meetings etc., please contact us and give us your name, address, email, phone number, and any kind of help you may be able to offer the Association.


Drew Frasz, President

La Fox Civic Association