Settlements of La Fox Concept Plan (253KB PDF)

When our group set out to provide an alternate layout for the development of our community, one of its key design goals was to maintain and enhance a feeling of community and small town charm. In looking at other small towns in the area, having a community park of substantial size (approximately 25 acres) with a natural setting was identified as a key element. (Examples would be Lions Park, Plowmans Park in Big Rock and the Sandwich Fairgrounds.) These parks allowed for active and passive uses and had enough room for overflow parking on grassy areas for community events.

We also felt that interaction between an elementary school site and the park would be beneficial to both sites especially in the possibility of shared sports fields and parking facilities.

So it was decided that the starting point of our plan would be to position the school/park Site in a central location north of the main road adjacent to Mill Creek as originally shown on the earlier concept plan. The benefits of this site are:

  • The view shed of the Mill Creek valley, wetlands, woods and future covered bridge are spectacular and should be preserved. The view shed will also be enjoyed daily by anyone traveling the main east-west road.
  • The site offers direct access to future bike trails and bridges, the Kane County Mill Creek Greenway, the Campton open space Mungerson acquisition directly along Mill Creek. (Our park site was key in Campton Open Space Committee deciding to go forward with this land acquisition.)
  • The gently sloping terrain and elevation changes make for an interesting site. The possibility for natural grassy stadium seating on the uphill side of soccer or baseball fields exists.

In short, it seems natural and ideal spot for a park that would provide for a transition of uses from school to active athletic fields to mowed open space for community events then to a passive prairie and eventually wetland/flood plain/wildlife habitat along Mill Creek. Best of all the developer has willingly agreed to donate this site for this purpose.

In comparison, the proposed new site offers none of the above attributes. It is a flat square of mowed lawn surrounded by houses in every direction. It may be ideal for scheduled sporting events, but it is hard to imagine anyone seeking it out as a place for a walk or enjoying nature. In addition, by using this site the view shed across the street will be lost forever, available only to those who will live in the few homes backing to Mill Creek. Correspondingly, the view of our proposed park site from Mill Creek or the Mungerson open space acreage would now be houses.

We understand that the park district has concerns of having to provide soccer fields and baseball fields to the area. We are confident that this site can easily satisfy the stated goals of one soccer field and two baseball fields especially considering it will be adjacent to the school property. In addition, we have worked with the developers to provide additional opportunities for sports fields on the open space south of the tracks and east of Harley Road.

As an alternative solution, the LaFox community is willing and will have the funds to manage this site independently as a town park. However we feel that the acreage Should be credited towards any land donation requested of the developer by the park district.

In conclusion, the community of LaFox worked very hard to site what we feel is one of the premier park sites in the county. Fortunately we had a willing partner in the developer who has agreed to make this park a reality. We strongly urge that the original concept park site be retained.

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