Mission Statement

A Vision and Purpose for the La fox Civic Association

The mission of the residents of La Fox is to celebrate our history, look to the future, and also help create a sense of place.
History: Our character was shaped by the community's industry, commerce and the residents.
Future: We want to be an advocate for the citizens to achieve future objectives.
Sense of Place: We hope to assemble a place that people want to call home, a true destination, a unique place where people choose to spend their time. We will be a promoter of activities that bring all people together: young, old, future and present residents.

your Board Members

Frank Woodin  President

Drew Frasz     Vice President

Bill Zander      Secretary &


Ellen Engstrom

Sylvia Krys

Donna Neiler

Marko Spiegel


Local Meetings

>> LaFox Civic Association:    Annual Meeting First Quarter of the Year.

Additional Meetings as needed, and will be announced.



1) LaFox Civic Association contributes $25,000.00 for directional train horns for LaFox. 

Plan to be installed by the end of summer.


2) LaFox Civic Association establishes 1 acre park.


3) Your Association Needs Your Help!

      a) Looking for a Web-Master to maintain this site.

      b) Volunteers to coordinate community activities.




>> LaFox Community Yard Sale Days - June 5th & 6th
>> Apparel Sales